Sunday, 27 May 2018

the travaux football club and team

My memory is rubbish with some stuff.
I 'm not totally doolally, so l do remember playing for The Travaux football club years ago, but until l saw these items in amongst other crap in one of my many storage boxes, l had no memory that we actually started the team, and played in it's embryonic first season. I even had to become a member (number 60!) of the Travaux to play for them. As the newspaper cutting confirms, we were pretty good, hit the ground running, and won the league straight off (or at least finished second - as l stated, my memory is crap).
That was before the drink and drugs took their toll!!

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Saturday, 26 May 2018

iggy's pants and his footwear choices

You have to have confidence to wear a pair of pants that Iggy Pop is sporting in this photograph.
It makes me admire him even more.
Despite the fact that l'm not too keen on the shoes and no socks look he is also sporting, he was ahead of his time not just with his music, but his footwear as well, as that's what the fashionista are wearing these days (Idiots).

Here's the trailer for the Jim Jarmusch documentary on Iggy and The Stooges - 'Gimme Danger'.  I'm biased as l'm besotted by them, but it's highly recommended!!

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vegetarian ham that tastes of chicken

Vegetarian ham that tastes of chicken??  They're trying to confuse me.

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marc bolan defends bob dylan

Back before he became famous, Marc Bolan defended Bob Dylan's 'Self Portrait' album in the pages of Melody Maker.

Here's the lyrics to the song Belle Isle that Bolan was on about (Bob based it on a traditional song)

As there's no video for that, here's one of my favourite Dylan songs, the live version of 'Hurricane'

To demonstrate how unknown Bolan when the letter was printed (Self Portrait was released June 8th 1970), they even printed his home address. How times were to suddenly change.
Bolan had been about for a few years on the underground scene, but in October 1970 T.Rex released this little beauty and his life was never the same.

Ride a White Swan - from 'Beat Club' German TV

And here's some more Bolan  - at the time, the biggest star since The Beatles.

And lastly, one that made me cry playing it after he died - one of his last songs - 'Soul of my Suit'
I loved him

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al perman found in a book plus david essex and the stray cats

It's funny what you can find stashed away in old books bought from charity shops. 
Here's a recent example - a photograph of a singer who looks a bit like David Essex in 'Stardust', but the back of the photo has 'Al Perman 1966' written on it. That could be the photographer or the singer, as l have no idea. I tried a quick Google search but with no success, so it is likely to remain a puzzle.

Here's David Essex playing Jim MacLain with The Stray Cats in 'Stardust'

Here's David Essex's 'Rock On' (a favourite of mine)

And here's the later day Stray Cats doing the 'Stray Cat Strut'

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Friday, 25 May 2018

the liverpool european cup / champions league final defeat

Here's a picture of me earlier watching the Champions League (European Cup in old money) final tonight between Liverpool and Real Madrid.

I wanted to watch Liverpool versus Real Madrid as l thought it might be a good attacking game, but l was dreading it in case Liverpool were to win. However, l didn't want Mohamed Salah to go off injured, so despite still wanting to see Real Madrid triumph, when he did, l thought the enjoyment of (hopefully) Real's win would be taken away from me, as it would have been kind of a default victory.
That was before a brilliant overhead kick by Gareth Bale, and two howlers from Loris Karius (Liverpool's goalkeeper). To state that l was happy at the end is an understatement. I do actually feel sorry for Salah (who is a superb player) and Karius, but it was well worth watching from a Manchester United viewpoint.
Liverpool have still won it more than us though, and l can't see that changing anytime in the near future.

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Friday, 11 May 2018

alex james - bit of a blur - signed

Now this is how l end up with stuff that l had forgotten about.
As well as a load of other books and bits of crap, I bought Alex James' autobiography  'A Bit Of A Blur' in a charity shop recently, and it was only when l went to read it that l noticed it had been signed at Waterstone's by Alex himself.
In the past, this would then have been stashed away by me, unboxed years later, and then l would be left desperately trying to remember going to Waterstone's and meeting Alex.
No wonder l confuse myself

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Monday, 30 April 2018

the spaced house is up for sale

If you are a fan of the comedy series 'Spaced' and have a lot of spare cash lying around, then it might be your lucky day, as the house from the series (At Carlton Road, London N7) is up for sale. At a mind boggling asking price of 4 million of your English pounds.
Slightly out of my price range I'm afraid.

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priscilla queen of the desert

Had a gay old time last week at Darlington Hippodrome watching the 'Priscilla - Queen of the desert' musical. It was actually quite fast paced, loud, and pretty bright, and a lot better than l was anticipating. Often, I've often seen enough when it comes to the interval, but not in this case. Recommended, even if like me, you are not even bisexual (worst luck!).

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iron man and iron gran

This is a blurry picture of Joe, a mate of mine who we know as Iron Man, because he does Iron Man challenges.
Watching the TV recently, l think  l've found him a partner - Iron Gran!
Then again, l've never seen them in the same room together, so maybe Iron Gran is his alter ego.

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Sunday, 15 April 2018

everyone was young once - part 34 - my parents

When l was around at my sisters yesterday, she showed me a wedding album from our parents marriage day in sunny Bootle that she had dug out. Someone is doing our family tree, so l wanted some pictures of our grandparents mainly, but while l was scanning them, l thought l might as well do copies of the ones from the wedding as well.
It's hard to believe our parents were ever that young, and l don't recall seeing my father that skinny ever.
Both are dead now, so l am officially an orphan, and therefore demand sympathy!!

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Sunday, 8 April 2018

the datsuns and the polyphonic spree

Christ on a bike - time flies. I was looking at some old N.M.E's the other day and saw these adverts for a 2003 tour featuring The Datsuns, The Thrills, Interpol, and The Polyphonic Spree. I went to the Newcastle gig, but can't believe it was just over 15 years ago. I loved the rowdiness of The Datsuns, but prefered The Polyphonic Spree on the night. A mate said they sounded like Beatles psychedelic out-takes. He wasn't impressed.

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Saturday, 31 March 2018

another trip to ikea

I was out and about in Richmond yesterday, and was just about to drive home when l crumbled and headed to Gateshead Ikea to buy some more record storage. Of course l then had to build and erect it (Fnaaaarr) as soon as l got back, but l am now chuffed that l made the effort, as l'm very pleased with it. Plus l was there and back in no time, as it's dead easy when you live by the A1. 
I'll be on one of those hoarding programmes in a few years. It's only a matter of time.

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another fine day out in the boro

Myself and Robbo went out a couple of weeks or so ago in the Boro to watch the football. Here's two of the sights from that day. Possibly the best toilet in the land, and a toilet door that someone has obviously taken out their frustration on.
Another fine day for all the family.

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Saturday, 24 March 2018

seriously thick bleach

Now this seems a bit harsh. I blame the class system and probably a poor education.
Looks like it's a hard worker though, according to the statistics.

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rare records cartoon

I can certainly relate to this, although l don't like the way he is manhandling the record.
No wonder l have ended up with Mr Parrot!

And to be extra pedantic - here's what the 1969 RCA pressings looked like (I'll get my own coat).

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the living wage and businesses

Here's another tweet, from Kayla O'Brian on Civic Action, stating what l have been banging on about for years.
Right on brother!! (or Sister!!)

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pete evans' food and drink for the day

Obviously taken from Matt Berry's twitter feed, and, as he says, a writers gift. You couldn't make this sort of crap up. Who the hell would want to live like that? I'd rather enjoy myself and die tomorrow, rather than fussing about everything l ate or drank, especially to that extent.
Life's meant to be for living (maaaaaaannnnnnnnn). Enjoy it while you can. 
Time for some cheese on toast. Anger is an energy, and using energy means refueling is needed.
So l'm allowed.

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arnold corns set for stardom

David Bowie was a fantastic musician and a pretty impressive visionary when it came to the pop world, but he made a bit of a boo boo with this. 
Arnold Corns, featuring Freddie Burretti ('Rudi Valentino'), were to be the next big thing in 1971 according to David, especially as The Rolling Stones were (in his words) finished. He put the band together, wrote the songs, and Rudi was the front man. Obviously he was wrong about the Stones and the chances of success for Arnold Corns, but he was pretty close (but no cigar), as a lot of the songs were top notch, and re-recorded and used afterwards by Bowie himself, which made him into star when Ziggy Stardust came out.
Sometimes, fame can be so random.

Arnold Corns - Hang on to Yourself and Moonage Daydream

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students first hand job experience

Come on!! Either Gale Rose who wrote this article, or maybe whoever did the header, must have known what they were doing with this headline.

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Monday, 19 March 2018

ken dodd's death

I've always liked Ken Dodd when growing up. Not keen on a lot of the songs, and can't stand the diddymen, but l loved the non stop jokes, and his single 'Happiness' was one of the first songs l remember. I still like it and it's a fine motto to live by. Loved the fact he stayed in Liverpool, rather than moving south as soon as he became famous, unlike The Beatles (although l also love them).
I was tickled by him years ago (with his tickling stick) when he opened a shop in The New Strand in Bootle, and myself and some friends were planning on seeing him live later this year, ironically, to catch him before he died. That's now out of the window, but at least l've got this little beauty below, signed by him later in life.
We won't see his like again.

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Saturday, 17 March 2018

mr parrot unscrewing his climbing frame

To say that Mr Parrot is a clever little sod would be an understatement. He watched me putting his climbing frame together, and here he is is taking it apart again. Since then, the screws have been tightened up so he can't manage to do it again, but he is now pissed off.

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the new chip shop in catterick and jethro tull

Well, l finally managed to drag myself in and try out the new fish and chip shop in Catterick (149 at 36 Richmond road). It was nice enough (fish, chips and curry sauce), and l got another menu for the collection, but l am bought to my (what little there are of them) senses every time l buy stuff nowadays, as l still expect fish and chips to be about £2.50.
That's what you get for being an old git and living in the past (as Jethro Tull would say).
Also, l know they probably think the foods cooked better if they do it to order, but if l go into a fast food place for a takeaway, l want it ready immediately, which wasn't the case here. Fast food should be the giveaway clue.
I'm not just an old git - I'm an impatient one.

And here's Jethro Tull - Living in the past

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